Micro electrostatic perforation machines PS-XXXX-X for high speed webs

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micro perforation machine
Place of Origin:
Yunnan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
micro perforator:
high speed:
mass products
cement sack:
kraft paper
STMA China
nicotine condensate:
web fabrics:
food medical
cigarette filter:
health cancer
electrode sparking:
high voltage
power supply


micro electrostatic perforation machines PS-1000, PS-1200, PS-1600, PS-2000, web widths 1,000-2,000mm, speeds up to 500 m/min

Nano Micro perforation or other material surface treatment, electrostatic cluster perforation, microperforator, for cigarette, tipping, filter, packaging, plug wrap, Kraft, cement, pet, powder, sack, bag, fine and other paper, silicon or other coating, certain plastic film, laminate, porosity from 80 up to 2,500 C.U.

From 50 down to 4 Gurley, hole sizes from 50 nm up to 100 micron, hole densities from 80-260h/cm2, zone widths from 2.0-6.0mm, up to 16,000,000 holes per Second.

Web speeds up to 600 m/min, web widths up to 2,000mm. Patent granted DE10328937.
at micro discharging and sparking, Bluemlein and Plasma Tunnel effects with gas atomic
ionization innano second time windows.

The pores are normally statistical irregularly distributed in controlled size ranges from 50 nano up to 80 microns diameter and analogically, under LASER or MICRO PERFORATION, arranged in diameter sizes from 60 up 200 microns, at best non-inclined holes und hole rows of diverse arrangement comprehension.

For the naked human eye invisible electrostatic nanoor micro perforations may be arranged in areas or zone bands with specific distances within its web.

Controlled pore sizes in wide ranges from 0.050 to 80 micron diameters by holes sequences up to 16 million pores per second and 0.1 up to 3 mill Joule discharge energy for eachpore.

Process and power electronics patent grant with DE10328937.
Arrangements of zonesare usually carried out in width from 2 to 6 mm and pores density of 15
up to 250 pores per square cm whereas the perforation of areas results in poredensities of up to 5 million pores per m2 in surface-all-over design.

Electrostatic perforations allow porosity levels from 80 to 2,500 Coresta Units (ml/min/2cm2, 1,000Pa), equality from 40 down to 3 Gurley material web width from 100 to 2,000mm at web speeds of up to 500 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate.
Physical Properties
One of the fore most postulation which can be applied to many application purposes and
products containing bonded fabrics, bag or packaging papers, non-woven, etc. with gas or steam permeability but water in-permeability will be found at the application of the electrostatic nano micro cluster perforation.

Which means pore sizes from 0.050 up to 80 microns diameter by up to 5 million per square

This is due to the waters greater surface tension which hampers the permeation through the
relatively small nano or micro pores. These and other physical advantages of the relatively small pores necessarily demand the application ofthe cluster perforation method because alternative perforation or processes are NOT feasible, too expensive or simply uneconomical and would not lead to asuccessful application.
Products,applications, advantages with micro perforation

breathable andventilated mass products as cigarette, tipping, filter, packaging, plug wrap, refinish or fine paperbooklet, bible, printing, flexo, magazine, promotion, flyers or newspaper with improved or modified surface property
decoration or giftpaper with thin coating films
PVC laminate, Vinyl, decoration or wall paper to eliminate one side condensation effects enable control gas exchanges avoid rises of mildewor rottenness
joint or corner Kraftpaper tapes to avoid glue bubbles and enables material diffusion
fleece bonding material with thin plastic film layers for out door and under roof protection
orcovering, wooden houses, etc., enables gas exchanges
technical textiles forgas exchanges to avoid condensation processes
breathable overalls, heavy duty or disposable work dresses, trousers, aprons, jackets or shoes
madeof thin PE fleeces or other material
thin PP or PEcontacted Kraft paper bag, cement sacks, plaster, maize, grain, pet food, granulate or powder for gained airoutlet or blowing during filling processes with multiple time reduce efficiency
keep packed products in the same barrier condition as without micro perforation
extending storage, live time or durability of certain goods and products
biotopes and prevention of water pollution
cloth inlets for comfortable non sweat wearing under wet, high humidity and tropical condition
soap, deodorant, hygiene, beauty creams, baby care or other packaging products which needs
smell suggestion for marketing indication and buying advantages
vegetable, flowers or food with paper packaging replacements for gas exchanges
bread, rolls, fruit or food to improve the freshness and aroma
technical multi layer foils for industry, medical, bioengineering or filtration purposes, surface
modification or improve roughness
micro filter, nano membranes, battery separation layers, bio or lab analytic, alcohol, liquid or blood filtration, clean room, agriculture plant applications reduction or force growth rates of bio

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